The Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad Company is a Class III terminal switching railroad, incorporated in the State of Virginia as the Southeastern and Atlantic Railroad Company on March 4, 1896, currently operating over 26 miles of road in the Hampton Roads communities of Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake. The Belt Line adopted its current corporate name on January 12, 1898 and acquired and absorbed the Elizabeth River Railroad in 1910. The Belt Line was originally formed by eight railroads and today is jointly owned by the Norfolk Southern Corporation, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia (57% ownership), and the CSXT Corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida (43% ownership). The eight original railroads were Norfolk & Western RR,  Chesapeake & Ohio RR,  Southern Railway Co.,  New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk RR, The Atlantic & Danville RR, Atlantic Coast Line, Norfolk & Southern RR,  Seaboard Air Line RR.

The principal business of the Belt Line entails interchanging cars between connecting line haul carriers and various marine terminals and industries located along its tracks. The Belt Line currently operates one main classification yard located in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, Virginia. The General Office, T&E, and Maintenance of Way facilities are also located in South Norfolk.  In addition to its own tracks, the Belt Line utilizes certain tracks of its proprietary roads in accordance with trackage rights agreements.

Industries on the Belt Line enjoy good competitive transportation links to the world.  The Belt Line prides itself on safe railroad operations and dependable, cost effective railroad service.  The Belt Line is structured for timely customer service which adds to the competitiveness of its customers in the marketplace. The Belt Line currently serves 24 industries and interchanges with both of the owners as well as the Bay Coast Railroad and the Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad.